If you would like to set up your own site, but you do not have any previous experience or skills how to do that, you should use ready-made themes that will allow you to start your web presence with ease. With the progression of the web-based design software within the last years, themes are no longer simple pages with a vibrant background. Templates for static Internet sites usually incorporate many different pages for many different purposes since content can't be generated dynamically, while templates for script-driven apps include a user-friendly interface via which you can manage a large amount of advanced options, such as media content or the number of columns on a particular Internet site. This enables you to start a feature-rich website even when you haven't used this kind of an app up to now.

Free Website Templates in Shared Website Hosting

If you buy any of our shared website hosting packages, you'll get access to a huge selection of free of cost templates that you can use for virtually any kind of site. We have an online website builder with more than 70 web themes that can be used for simpler websites and every one has different styles and color schemes. You may also select from a number of pre-defined pages, such as Contact Us, Directions, etcetera, so creating a website is going to be very simple. If you prefer to have a more dynamic site, use a script app such as WordPress or Mambo since we offer many totally free themes for them too, each one with various customizable options that could be accessed via the script back office. This way, you'll not have to spend hundreds of dollars for website design or pay for web themes from third-party sites.

Free Website Templates in Semi-dedicated Hosting

When you take advantage of semi-dedicated server packages you'll be able to employ hundreds of totally free templates for your websites. You'll pay only the plan’s monthly fee and you will save tens, even 100's of dollars for website design services as we would not ask you for any additional fees to be able to access our web templates. You’ll be able to use our online website builder, which features over 70 themes with different styles and color schemes, or you can employ script-driven apps including Joomla, Mambo or WordPress and use hundreds of amazing themes for them, each with lots of options you can manage from the script back office. You will have a wide selection depending on what sort of website you'd like to create and how involved you want to be.